HeartScan Institute
Cardiac CT training on the latest equipment at the lowest possible radiation dose.

Cardiac CT Courses for Physicians

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Our Physician courses are aimed at Cardiologists, Radiologists, Nuclear Medicine Physicians and Trainees providing comprehensive lectures, interactive workstation sessions and live scanning.

We provide all aspects of training from initial accreditation through re-accreditation. We post regular "interesting cases" on our website to encourage our trainees continued education and professional development.

INITIAL ACCREDITATION COURSE. This intensive 5 day course will enable attendees to achieve maximal allowable cases (125 of 150 required) for ANZ Level A and full case load for SCCT Level 2 accreditation. This course exceeds the ANZ conjoint committee CTCA course guidelines.

100 correlated Library cases are sourced from a vast correlated library from all vendors, with 25 live cases from the ultra low dose Siemens FLASH CT with interpretation on latest syngo.via workstations. Emphasis will be on manipulation of the source axial data set to generate a report.  Knowledge/use of proprietary software/workstations is not necessary.

REFRESHER COURSE. 4 day course with at least 75 mentored cases.

LIVE CASE MINI-FELLOWSHIP. Multi day on-site programme to obtain 25 non-course live cases.

Discounted rates for attendees at follow up courses and for Fellows/Registrars in training.

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Cardiac CT Courses for Radiographers

2 day course with 25 live cases on day 1 and intense practical workshop on day 2 including all aspects of workflow from patient preparation pre test, protocol selection, how to sessions, tips and tricks and basic to advanced workstation use.


Educational Objectives


Competence in workstation use to manipulate any vendor axial data set to  generate a confident report.

Theoretical & Clinical

Thorough understanding of role of CTCA and it’s appropriate use, it’s sensitivity, specificity and negative predictive value.
Recognition of radiation dose issues , artifacts and other limitations and benefits  of CTCA.


Course exceeds ANZ CTCA conjoint committee guidelines.
Attendees will achieve maximal allowable cases (125 of 150 required) for ANZ Level A accreditation and full case load (150) for SCCT Level 2 accreditation. 
RANZCR has allocated 114.25CME points for the full course.